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Avery Abrasives Inc. has been manufacturing high quality Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels for over 50 years and still going strong. We service all major markets with high quality cost effective products  and technical knowledge suitable to meet and exceed all customer expecations and requirements. Our products are specially formulated and designed  to meet the various requirements of the industry by maximizing product life, cutting speed and finish. We utilize our advanced bond technology we've developed over the past 50 years and our application knowledge to specify the best possible product to meet the performance, value, safety and quality. Contact us anytime to see what Avery can do for you. 

When Product Performance, Safety and Value is Needed




6-48" diameters in all standard thicknesses and hole sizes


We offer a wide selection of Product specifications that utilize uniquicly developed Resin bonds specially formulated to cover the widest  range of all dry cutting and some we cutting


Full availability of Abrasive types from the toughest/ durable Zirconiun Aluminium Oxides to the more friable/ sharp special Aluminum Oxides 


Full compliment of fiberglass reinforcement-constructions to meet the various cutting jobs to maximize product safety 


Typical Wheel Speeds:  7500 to 16000 ft/mim


Contact us anytime for more details.

Uniquily formulated with the special bonding agents  to cut more difficult alloys. Typically used when the Resin bonded products fail to sufficiently cut  (too hard) and Calendared specifications  wear to fast(too soft).


RR Products are used extensive wet where workpeice burn, burr and geometry is critical. 


Coupled with the mild bond specifications, utilization of more special Aluminium Oxide types and blends( fraible- sharp)  typical  


Available in diameters 6-48" in standard thicknesses and hole sizes. 


Typically  used on wet applications- non reinforced or hub reinforced jobs 

Widest selection of sizes and specifications to meet the strictest cutting needs. 


Available in diameters 6-26"  in standard thicknesses and hole sizes. 


Typically used wet where good ventilation is available and where cut quality is the most important aspect of the job.


Three  major productclassifications include:

1.)Crude Rubber bonded(widely specified)

2.) Cold Rolled Bonded (more specilialized types whne "Crude " does not meet expectation and 3.) Glass Bonded ( for glass & titanium cutting) 


Typical Wheel Speeds:  7500 to 12000 ft/mim



Wide selection of Abrasive specifications and sizes to meet preformance & cost objectives.

from toughest (Z), ZA, AZ to the sharpest (WA), White & (PA) (Pink) Abrasive types strcter cut quality -part finish needs

Bonds specifically formulated with the highest  quality Phenolic Resins and inorganic filler compounds to  provide the optimal  bond strength and adhesion for any job.  Whether it is wet or dry cutting or cold, warm or hot cutting we have a specification to meet such needs 

Our Reinforcements range from Hub design to heavily reinforcements for the toughest, most severe cutting.

Std reinforcements availability range from the lightest "H" (Hub) to the heaviest ( CE) 3 Full external reinforcements 

Drive Pins, Coolant Holes, Metal Centers, Private Labeling, ground faces , Black Paper  are available upon special request 


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