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  For over fifty years,  Avery Abrasives  was founded on the principle that customers wanted a high quality product at a fair price. Already accomplished in the industry as an expert of the product and applications, Mr Raymond Avery, the founder of Avery Abrasives Inc, built from the ground up a world class Abrasive  Cut-Off Wheel mfg facility.


Over the years Avery Abrasives earned the reputation as being the foremost experts in the industry.  We are able to develop, design, specify and sell a wide variety of Resin, Resin/ Rubber and Calendared Rubber Bonded products to meet the wide variety of application requirements. These attributes result in the highest quality engineered solutions where our knowledge and skills pay of to the customer in performance and value .



Respectively through the years, we have stood by these founding principles and have seen the business grow due the  steady, loyal customers who represent a cross section of industry. Unlike others in the industry looking for the quick sale, we are in it for the long haul and stand by our product and the needs of our customers to maintain longterm sustaining relatiionships 


We have been extremely fortunate in our working relationships and continue these principals and practices in serving the needs of our customers.

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